Join Me - Bring Back The Energy
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo // Ward 1 Councillor




Implementing all of the municipal recommendations outlined in The Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

A stead fast focus on the Rebuild.

Residential Street safety, including on street parking as well as a uniform crosswalk marking system.

Review of the merits of having Photo Radar.

Development of River front Boardwalk.

Supporting the Multicultural associations in the region.

Parks and recreation in the different areas

Increasing pet parks across the different areas.

Supporting the Non Profits extensively as well and Arts and Culture in our Region.

Working with Industry to broaden our depth to reduce FIFO allowing our region to be home for more employees.

Working with the GOA to ensure our Region and residents are not burdened by costs associated with their responsibilities.

Continue meeting residents each quarter or whenever requested to hear concerns and ideas that benefit our region.

We need a continued refocus on core services delivery and a region that is welcoming to any individual that believes in an honest days work and a commitment to their neighbors.

Construction of an alternate route for commuting time to the oil sands and SAGD, tourism gateway, alternate route for transportation dangerous goods and emergency access or egress.

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