...moving forward together!

I have known Keith McGrath for 20 years and he has always been a community minded person. He has always been concerned with what is best for Fort McMurray and area. On October 21 please vote for Keith McGrath for Councillor Ward 1.

~Brian Hatfield

Keith McGrath is a real person that knows and understands our community with a strong voice that represents the citizens of Fort McMurray.

~Lisa Hartigan

I have known Keith McGrath for over 25 years he was a former employee. Keith works hard and always has a can do attitude. Keith has a genuine interest in helping others. I have seen him volunteer his time in many capacities to serve his community. Keith has been an advocate for our region and I'm sure will do a great job as our Councillor for Ward 1.

~Nemr Najmeddine

Together We Can.