...moving forward together!

  1. As our city continues to be pressured by growth and the transient population. I propose to create a Fort McMurray Improvement tax. A tax added to hotel, motel, camp rooms to aid in funding Tourism  Community programs, infrastructure.
  2. A stronger relationship and partnership supporting the entire non profit sector.
  3. Supporting a vision for responsible sustainable development.
  4. Supporting the multi-cultural associations and different faith groups in our region.
  5. Transparent communication.
  6. To explore alternate transportation routes throughout the city.
  7. Working with senior administration for required funding from both levels of government to ensure infrastructure needs are met.

Ladies and Gentlemen, since elected, I have served our Ward in the interest of those I represent. To be engaged making informed decisions on behalf of you. I understand the dynamic community we live in and will serve to the best of my ability. On October 21st I ask you for your support and your vote to elect me as one of your six Councillors for Ward 1.

Together We Can...