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Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo // Ward 1 Councillor




"The endorsement process is an evolution. What you try to do is you endorse someone that you believe in and their ideas and their solutions align with yours."

— Herman Cain




Fort McMurray Fire Fighters

With a progressive view of enhancing our Fire and Medical services, and improving public safety for the citizens of The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the Fort McMurray Fire Fighters Association, today, announced its endorsements for mayor and council for the upcoming municipal election.


"We view public safety as the number one factor that provides peace of mind for our citizens.  We envision a modern and progressive fire and medical service for the Wood Buffalo Region," says Rob Van Hecke, President of the Fort McMurray Fire Fighters Association. "In order to achieve that, we need the support of our Regional Council, and we believe the candidates we are endorsing are prepared to take us in that direction."  With that vision in mind, the Fort McMurray Fighters Association announces its endorsement of the following candidates:



  • Don Scott


Council Ward 1:

  • Phil Meagher
  • Jeff Peddle
  • Krista Balsom
  • Keith McGrath
  • Verna Murphy
  • Lance Bussiers


Council Ward 2:

  • Claris Voyageur


Council Ward 3:

  • Brad Lucier


Council Ward 4:

  • Jane Stroud


“We strongly urge all Wood Buffalo residents, in the interest of fire protection and public safety, to consider these candidates on October 16,” Van Hecke said. ”As our city rebuilds and grows, so must its services - especially those tied to fire prevention, emergency response, and public safety.”

Kouame Adie

Kouame Adie

I have known Keith McGrath for some time, he has a real commitment to serving our region and its people. Whether it's through serving on council or volunteering for different causes he always puts his best foot forward. He is a true believer in supporting every walk of life and he knows the scope of community’s need. Many times, I have seen him donating his time and effort to enhance social profit sector and people. He is always willing to hear concerns and work towards a resolve.


For the last years on council he has learned and built confidence from past experiences. However, he is prepared to better serve Fort McMurray and citizens.


Keith McGrath clearly understands the core role of the social profit sector and knows that this sector is vital to the community. He is a great public servant on Oct 16th join me in supporting Keith to return to council chambers he will continue to serve the region in every aspect.

Nemr Najmeddine

I have known Keith McGrath for over 25 years, he was a former employee. Keith works hard and always has a can do attitude. Keith has a genuine interest in helping others. I have seen him volunteer his time in many capacities to serve his community.


Keith has been an advocate for our region and I'm sure will do a great job as our Councillor for Ward 1.

Eddie King

Keith McGrath tells it like it is and doesn’t mince words. Sure it may stir things up and he is definitely not typical. No body cares more about the residents of our region than Keith, Beyond his authenticity passion and dedication to he’s got common sense. That's exactly the sort of representation we need on council.

Brian Hatfield

Brian Hatfield

I have known Keith McGrath for 20 years and he has always been a community minded person. He has always been concerned with what is best for Fort McMurray and area. On October 16 please vote for Keith McGrath for Councillor Ward 1.

The Smith Family

I was really impressed that Keith and his colleagues started Council Corner to allow residents to come hear their concerns and share their ideas.

Julie Cardinal

Councillor Julia Cardinal

Serving with Keith and seeing his kind compassionate ways and the common sense he offers has been a pleasure during this term.

Sheldon Germain

Sheldon Germain

The 2017 municipal election is a few days away and I’d like to take this opportunity to offer an endorsement of my former colleague Keith McGrath.


Keith is seeking re-election to serve as a Councillor for Ward 1 and I’ll be supporting his campaign. I had the opportunity to serve with Keith during this last term – which was certainly the most challenging in my six terms and 19 years on Council.


With Keith – what you see is what you get – and that approach is much needed in today’s era of public service. He cares deeply about our community and works tirelessly to truly get informed on issues that matter to you and your family. His commitment to the office to serve others is truly remarkable.


Keith is someone that supports residents first and I’ve witnessed time and time again how he champions what is best for his neighbours, even if this means asking the tough questions in public and in face to face meetings. When our community was facing its biggest challenge ever – recovery from the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history – Keith put his hand up and stepped up to help lead our recovery efforts. That willingness to lead when times are tough is one of Keith’s biggest strengths and we need that now as much as ever.


Please join me in supporting Keith McGrath for Council. I have no doubt he’ll bring back the energy to municipal hall and I sincerely hope he is re-elected to help lead our community and entire region into the future.

Zaid Sulaiman

Zaid Sulaiman

Over the years I have seen Keith work hard and represent the people of our region. Keith’s a common-sense guy who is very approachable and attends many events, returns emails, phone calls. Keith is very accessible.


As a longtime resident Keith support to the multicultural community has always been appreciated. I support Keith’s bid for reelection and fully believe he will keep working hard for all resident of the RMWB. His direct approach and understanding of the issues to work toward resolve is evident in his past public service.


On Oct 16 2017 please join me in support Keith for Re Election in Ward 1 RMWB.

The Waterman Family

When we lost our home in the Fire Keith would help in any way he could. Spending many hours to ensure we were helped and connecting us with the guidance we needed. That's why I support the Re-Election of Keith.

Mrs. Joan & Mr. Hugh Furber

It is my pleasure to support Keith McGrath for re-election of Ward 1 RMWB . Over the years Keith has worked hard for the citizens around the horseshoe as well as attending many events. He will return calls, emails, and attend meetings as requested.


As a man of the people I feel Keith will continue to serve others and always take the time to engage with citizens in all walks of life.

Claris Voyageur

Councillor Claris Voyageur

Keith is truly engaged with the regions residents and does his best to bring those concerns for a positive resolve at all times while representing his constituents.

Louise Weir

The personal commitment of time and money he does for others is truly humbling for a blue collared guy like Keith.

Lisa Hartigan

Lisa Hartigan

Keith McGrath is a real person that knows and understands our community with a strong voice that represents the citizens of Fort McMurray.

The Brown Family

What stuck me on New Years Eve 2013 was Keith McGrath walking the streets of Gregiore Mobile home park to ensure residents were ok during the prolonged power outage when most were celebrating the New Year.

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